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Strategic Goals and Objectives 2019-2020

Excellence in Our Services


  • Implement Library Course Pages
  • Investigate Research Help improvements
  • Establish priorities for Information Literacy services
  • Improve Resource Sharing processes
  • Collaborate with UMD Departments regarding materials for repositories

Excellence in Our Facilities


  • Refresh facilities
  • Improve signs and wayfinding

Excellence in Our Collections


  • Improve discovery and access to special collections and digitized materials
  • Clarify e-resource license terms and permissions
  • Weed government documents
  • Improve use and discoverability of print serials
  • Improve discovery system
  • Plan for the future of our collections
  • Evaluate satisfaction with collections
  • Increase awareness of diversity in collections

Excellence in Our Organization


  • Enhance student experiential learning opportunities
  • Improve administrative processes
  • Improve library website
  • Utilize shared services
  • Demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the library