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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Excellence in Our Services


  • Develop actions related to services satisfaction survey
  • Enhance course content support
  • Expand online instruction support
  • Implement document delivery
  • Create a marketing plan for our library services

Excellence in Our Facilities


  • Evaluate user satisfaction and needs
  • Establish a long-term renewal plan for library spaces

Excellence in Our Collections


  • Integrate data and stakeholders' perspectives into collections budgeting process
  • Enhance discoverability of Archives and Special Collections
  • Assess stacks capacity and develop a collection management plan

Excellence in Our Organization


  • Create a robust pre-professional/exploratory program (e.g. internships) that develops interest in library related careers and/or diversity in library staffing
  • Create a roadmap for website development and maintenance
  • Act on ACRL Diversity Standards training
  • Increase staff participation in employee development opportunities and communication activities within the library
  • Develop student worker training and assessment based on undergraduate student learning outcomes framework*

    * UMD Undergraduate Student Outcome Framework