Listening Project

What Is The Listening Project?

The Listening Project was initiated in summer of 2018 by staff at UMD’s Kathryn A. Martin Library. The Kathryn A. Martin is no longer hosting Listening Project events. Thank you for your participation in our events.

We were seeking a way to foster communication and understanding between members of the campus community. This sparked a realization that we cannot understand each other’s stories until we are able to truly hear them. In order to hear, we must know how to listen.

Libraries have always had a core function of connecting speakers with listeners through the written word. Martin Library wants to see what happens when “reading” (listening) takes place in other contexts.

We see this campus-wide listening initiative as a way to grow connections, build relationships, and increase trust. We invite our community to learn how to listen, learn about listening, practice listening, listen to new stories, and experience the rewards of listening.

How Can I Participate?

Want to talk more about the Listening Project? Contact Mags David at [email protected], or 218-726-8585.