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Kathryn A. Martin Library Policy

The primary function of Library tours is to serve as a general introduction to the physical layout of the Library. Tours do not include instruction on how to use library resources. Rather than scheduling a tour, we recommend that UMD instructors whose courses include a research component, schedule a library instruction session instead. These sessions focus on helping students develop their research skills and can be customized to meet research assignment and course goals.

To request a tour, please submit a tour request form or call 218-726-8100 to make arrangements. Guided tours will be given Monday-Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm as staffing permits. Special accommodations may be made for evening and weekend requests. 

Tours last approximately 30–40 minutes, and begin in the Library lobby near the Circulation desk. Tours should be arranged at least two weeks in advance. Groups of 25 or more should make arrangements earlier so that appropriate staffing can be arranged. 

Library tours are not available to students in grades 8 and lower.

Presentations about the Ramseyer-Northern Bible Society Collection can be arranged by calling Aimee Brown at 218-726-8526.

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Approved by the Library Management Team 
Date of approval: August 2, 2016

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