Blind Date with a Book

Jan 31, 2017

Choose a book based on a personals-style ad. No commitment!

Will You Find Your Match?

Hey, book lovers! Get into the spirit of Valentine's Day by visiting the Kathryn A. Martin Library and checking out a book from a display called "Blind Date with a Book."

The open case contains wrapped books with a "personals ad" type of description on the cover. Find your dream book. When you bring it to the Circulation desk, you can unwrap it to see if you've met your match!

The Martin Library first-floor display offers books from the collection that are available to borrow. But much like when choosing someone for a real blind date, you are only provided with a brief description of the book when making your selection. 

Here are a couple of examples: 

  • Seeking thoughtful stranger with an interest in science. I come from a rural country background. Looking for someone to help me take flight. (Barbara Kingsolver: Flight Behavior)
  • I like to visit classical Italian art galleries while solving intricate puzzles. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, read this book. But watch out, you and a lot of other people are expendable. (Dan Brown: Inferno)

Titles span a wide range of topics and interests.

Kathryn A. Martin Library students, faculty, and staff can use their U Cards to check out books, and residents of Duluth and the surrounding area can apply for guest borrowing privileges by showing a government-issued ID at the Circulation desk.

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