Get more out of your Research with Citation Managers

Oct 20, 2019

Citation managers can simplify research. 

Researchers have a lot of options for scholarly sources and can search through mountains of printed pages, bibliographies, and links. Doing research usually means compiling resources from many different places.  There is so much information available through library resources and the open web that it can be a challenge to manage it all, and can quickly become a disorganized mess.

The Kathryn A. Martin Library suggests installing a Citation Manager on your computer and in your browser. 

The Library supports two citation management tools, Zotero and Mendeley. These tools are free, with premium features that can be subscribed to. Both managers can assist with automating the gathering, sorting and citing scholarly and non-scholarly work: 

Did you find a great article? 
Simply click a bookmarklet in your browser and the citation and .pdf can be saved to your computer for later! 

Do you need to create a bibliography in APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.? 
Zotero and Mendeley can do that!

Wouldn’t it be cool if these tools worked with Google Docs or Microsoft Word?
They do!

Do you want to manage multiple research projects at once? 
Both tools enable the creation of tags and folders for organizing.

How about sharing articles with a group or a partner? 
You can also do that with both Mendeley and Zotero!

Can’t decide which one to use? The University of Minnesota Libraries has created a useful comparison sheet that adds more clarity. 

Would you like assistance with a Citation Manager and Library Research? Contact a subject librarian for more information.

Questions? Contact Adam Brisk, [email protected], Library 268.