Doreen Hansen Receives Staff Award

Jan 23, 2018

Library Director Matt Rosendahl presented the inaugural Martin Library Staff Award to Doreen Hansen on December 20.

Doreen was chosen by the library’s leadership team for the Martin Library Staff Award in recognition of her outstanding work in migrating the library’s website to a new Drupal platform. Her selection was based on nominations submitted by library colleagues who praised her exceptional contributions in “leadership on the job, customer focus, and/or quality of service in the past year.”

The award carries a cash award of $250, and Hansen also received a certificate of recognition.

During his presentation, Library Director Rosendahl quoted some of the comments made by the staff members who submitted nominations.

Doreen has demonstrated the ability to lead a team and manage a daunting project. She audited the massive number of library files for usage and currency, and kept track of progress in updating, deleting, or combining pages. She made it her mission to learn everything she could about Drupal, and she shared that knowledge generously with other UMD campus personnel, often identifying design issues and offering solutions.

Doreen provided me with on-time, on-demand, targeted, clear, patient, and constant help for the work I was doing.

In addition to the scope of work she accomplished, colleagues also noted their appreciation for the way that Doreen carried out her work:

Her technical knowledge, coupled with a model of servant leadership and humor, allowed her to work with all levels of the library and university system. Her sense of humor, positivity, and flexibility throughout the migration process helped our team achieve our goals despite many roadblocks.

She always made sure that everyone's perspective was heard and considered, while also helping us come to decisions that put our users first.

Finally, nominators wrote about the impact of Doreen’s leadership efforts:

The result of this work was a smooth transition to a new site in the middle of a semester, with positive responses and a roadmap for continuous improvement in the years ahead.

Her efforts to utilize Drupal effectively have improved more than just the library's web presence; they've had a campus-wide impact recognized by ITSS and other campus web developers.

 Congratulations, Doreen!