Stress ReDUCKtion

Mar 11, 2019

Library encourages students to take a break and explore. 

Patrons may notice a flock of colorful plastic waterfowl nesting throughout the Kathryn A. Martin Library. Stashed in all manner of nook and cranny throughout the library, these ducks are part of the Library’s extended activities leading up to Stress-less week. Each duck has a message attached to it that instructs patrons to return it to the first floor circulation desk to claim a “stress reducing” prize.

So what is the purpose of this and other Stress-less events? The benefit of Stress ReDUCKtion is to encourage people to explore the library and to take a break from studying - to step away and mentally regroup. Generally speaking, Stress-less Week aims to provide a creative, inclusive, and calming environment for students during the last weeks of the semester. It is a fun way to promote well-being and self-care for students who can be under an incredible amount of stress.

Questions about this story or questions about Stress-less in the Library can be directed to Adam Brisk, [email protected]

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