Stressless in the Library

Apr 27, 2020

Finish Strong Bulldogs

With warmer weather comes the grass turning green, birds chirping in the morning, and you guessed it, FINALS! Having classes moved online doesn’t mean that students and our campus community aren’t experiencing stress.

The Kathryn A. Martin Library is bringing you all the amazing activities and resources of Stressless week via the Library Website and our social media channels. We are here for YOU!  Enjoy our curated collection of meditations, exercises, activities, and brain relaxers!

Cute Animal Videos

Who doesn’t love to see baby goats jump around or a turtle eating a strawberry? Check out this playlist of cute animal videos on our YouTube channel. Guaranteed to brighten your day! 

Exercise Is The Best Medicine

Working out may look different now, but it is still important to get some flow into your life. Try out any of these videos to give your body some flow and your brain a break!

Speaking of working out, UMD’s Exercise Science Program has created a playlist of small workouts called “Exercise Snacks.” These are bite-sized activities! You can complete a snack in under five minutes, and go back to studying and prepping.

DIY Crafts At Home

Did you know that librarians are not only well read, they are also big into craftin’? We have compiled a list of crafts from Pinterest you can do at home with materials you probably have lying around! No matter your skill level, these crafts will give you something fun to do while taking a study break!

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Color Me Pretty

Did you know that coloring can help relax the fear in your brain and reduce thoughts of a restless mind? Give your mind a break and color away! 


Apps To Download 

No printer? No problem! Here are some apps you can download onto your phone, plus its earth-friendly!!

    • Color Therapy Coloring Number
    • Coloring Book for Adults
    • Happy Color- Paint By Number
    • Disney Coloring World


On Thursdays during Stressless Week, Library staff and Health Services make around 400 smoothies to share with students. It is easily the loudest, messiest, and one of our favorite events of the semester. Obviously we can’t make you a smoothie this semester, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out your blender at home.

Spotify Playlists

While you are finishing the semester strong, you also need some tunes to keep the motivation up. Below are some curated playlists to choose from while you grind out finals!

Ted Talks and Inspiration

In a rut? Need some extra oomph on your least productive days? Here is a list of some Ted Talks to allow you to take some deep breaths and recenter yourself.

Special Thanks To:

Stressless Week, even in a digital format, couldn’t happen without the contributions of so many organizations and people. We especially want to thank our Student Engagement Assistants, Declan Thompson, Sarah Brown and Carly Johnson.

Other contributors include:

  • Student Services Fee Committee
  • Library Communication and Events Committee
  • UMD Exercise Science Program