Students Curate 4th Floor Exhibit

Dec 14, 2017

English 5821 students placed examples of historical English in library display cases using Ramseyer Collection materials.

Currently on display on the library's 4th floor is an exhibit curated by students enrolled in UMD's History of the English Language course (Fall 2017). 

The students chose texts from the Ramseyer Northern Bible Society Collection to illustrate sequential stages in the development of the English language, from Anglo-Saxon, through Middle English and Early Modern English, up to the contemporary use of English as a global lingua franca.

student placing historical text in display case

The Ramseyer Collection provided a unique opportunity for the students to explore the history of English through the books that communicated the language to their historical audiences.

This exhibit was prepared by Dr. Krista Sue-Lo Twu, Keegan Agyekum, Charles Becker, Bridge Erickson, Sophia Fuhrmann, Drea Rabuse, Paying Thao, Lydia VandeWege, and Gaolie Xiong.

UMD Archivist Aimee Brown assisted with the project.