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Minnesota Documents in the Library

The Kathryn A. Martin Library has Minnesota publications. Many are available on the web. Others are available in the Minnesota Documents Collection in the Third Floor Microfiche area. To locate a copy of a Minnesota Document in the microfiche collection you need a Minnesota Document Number. To find Minnesota Document Numbers do the following:

For current publications consult Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports, a web site that contains monthly lists of new publications.

For other publications, use the catalog for the Legislative Reference Library  and do a title search or a keyword search with the phrase Minn Doc added. Look for the Minnesota Document Number on the item record e.g. MINN. DOC. NO. 98-0114

Microfiche indexes are provided for each year (through 1998) and are found next to the Minnesota Documents collection in the Third Floor Microfiche Area.

Further information on Minnesota state agency documents, including lists of recently received state agency publications, can be found on the Legislative Reference Library website.

Some publications and other information from Minnesota government web sites are available through

For more information, contact:

Mags David
Kathryn A. Martin Library L274 
Phone: 218-726-8585 

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