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New Items List

The materials listed below were received by the library between September 26 and November 6th. The list is updated on a monthly basis. For up-to-date information, availability, and/or to request an item click on the title to see the item in the library catalog.


CB428 .H36848 2018
21 lessons for the 21st century

E176.1 .G65 2018
Leadership in turbulent times

E178 .L57 2018
These truths : a history of the United States

E912 .L48 2018
The fifth risk

E912 .W66 2018
Fear : Trump in the White House

GV943.2 .B44 2018
Encyclopedia Blazertannica : a suboptimal guide to soccer, America's sport of the future since 1972

HN90.E4 C37 2018
Ship of fools : how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution

HQ1421 .T73 2018
Good and mad : the revolutionary power of women's anger

HV8148.B22 S55 2006
Homicide : a year on the killing streets

JK421 .C257 2018
The deep state : how an army of bureaucrats protected Barack Obama and is working to destroy the Trump agenda

PN6231.Z65 B76 2003
The zombie survival guide : complete protection from the living dead

PR6051.T56 C37 2004
Case histories : a novel

PR6051.T56 S73 2011
Started early, took my dog : a novel

PR6053.O75 W36 2018
War of the wolf : a novel

PR6057.A319 G6 2007
Good omens : the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch

PR6068.O93 L48 2018
Lethal white

PS3561.I483 G86 2016
The gunslinger

PS3563.A2364 A75 2018
Alaskan holiday : a novel

PS3566.A822 J87 2018
Juror #3

PS3566.I372 L43 2018
A spark of light : a novel

PS3568.I265 B64 2018
Blood communion : a tale of Prince Lestat

PS3573.E217 U63 2018
Uncompromising Honor

PS3604.E44375 D45 2013
Trouble in Mudbug

PS3608.A5488 I34 2012
I suck at girls

PS3608.A7436 T56 2018
Time's convert

PS3608.O832 S44 2018
Sea prayer

PS3608.O9566 W66 2013

UG1520 .T97 2018
Accessory to war : the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the military

Unknown Call Number
Rock chick


AS284 .S56 no.34
I industrisamhllets utkant : smbrukets omvandling i Lappmarken 1870-1970

B3313.A44 J85 1988
Nietzsche's Zarathustra : notes of the seminar given in 1934-1939

B3313.A44 J85 1988
Nietzsche's Zarathustra : notes of the seminar given in 1934-1939

BD418.3 .E84 2017
Explanation and integration in mind and brain science

BF109.J8 A3 2009
The red book = Liber novus

BF109.J8 A5 1997
Visions : notes of the seminar given in 1930-1934 by C.G. Jung

BF109.J8 A5 1997
Visions : notes of the seminar given in 1930-1934 by C.G. Jung

BF109.J8 W44 1989
An illustrated biography of C.G. Jung

BF1099.C55 J8613 2008
Children's dreams : notes from the seminar given in 1936-1940

BF1099.C55 J8613 2014
Dream interpretation ancient and modern : notes from the seminar given in 1936-1941 : reports by seminar members with discussions of dream series

BF1434.U6 H67 2010
Occult America : White House sances, ouija circles, masons, and the secret mystic history of our nation

BF173.J85 S4797 2012
C. G. Jung : a biography in books

BF176.5 .R35 2018
How to explain behavior : a critical review and new approach

BF38 .S24 2018
Philosophical principles of the history and systems of psychology : essential distinctions

BF408 .N3548 2018
The nature of human creativity

BF456.R2 W65 2018
Reader, come home : the reading brain in a digital world

BF575.E55 L36 2018
Empathy : a history

BF575.F2 F863 2018
How fear works : culture of fear in the twenty-first century

BF575.H27 L83 2017
The hacking of the American mind : the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and brains

BF575.S75 D267 2018
The science of stress management : a guide to best practices for better well-being

BF576 .J387 2018
The emotions of protest

BF637.S8 C37 2009
How to win friends and influence people

BF723.E6 F87 2018
Knowing emotions : truthfulness and recognition in affective experience

BF723.I646 H36 2018
Handbook of peer interactions, relationships, and groups, second edition

BF789.C7 K37 2018
On color

BJ1533.H8 B76 2018
Honor bound : how a cultural ideal has shaped the American psyche

BL1151.3 .D66 2009
The Hindus : an alternative history

BL1210 .D66 2014
On Hinduism

BL1238.56.K86 J86 1996
The psychology of Kundalini yoga : notes of the seminar given in 1932 by C.G. Jung

BL2370.S5 S5258 1998

BL2370.S5 S8 1912
Shamanismen i norra Asien; ngra drag ur shamanvsendets utveckling bland naturfolken i Sibirien,

BL74 .N67 2015
The Norton anthology of world religions

BL74 .N67 2015
The Norton anthology of world religions

BL860 .S8 1935
Sejd; textstudier i nordisk religionshistoria,

BP109 .S78 2015
The study Quran : a new translation and commentary

BS1171.2 .P37 1993
History and prophecy : the development of late Judean literary traditions

BS1171.3 .K84 2007
How to read the Bible : a guide to Scripture, then and now

BS1192.5 .B79 1997
Theology of the Old Testament : testimony, dispute, advocacy

BS1225.2 .K84 1997
The Bible as it was

BS1473 .F69 2004
Ecclesiastes : the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation

BS1485.53 .S68 2015
Song of Songs : the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation

BS2091.5.A1 2011 O8
The Jewish annotated New Testament : New Revised Standard Version Bible translation

BS2095 .H86 2017
The New Testament : a translation

BS2361.3 .N467 2013
A New New Testament : a Bible for the twenty-first century combining traditional and newly discovered texts

BS895 .J4 2014
The Jewish Study Bible

BT306 .B37 2012
The poems of Jesus Christ

BV2030 .S933 v.50
Pehr Hgstrms Missionsfrrttningar : och vriga bidrag till samisk kyrkohistoria

BX4705.G45 H63 2009
Authorship and publicity before print : Jean Gerson and the transformation of late medieval learning

CD1760 .G84 1978
A Guide to nordic tradition archives

D757.9.B4 M33 2017
The Berlin 1945 battlefield guide.

DA225 .J76 2012
The Plantagenets : the warrior kings and queens who made England

DA315 .A34 2013
Tudors : the history of England from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I

DA714 .D3913 1993
A history of Wales

DA760 .D48 1999
The Scottish nation : a history, 1700-2000

DA787.D3 W45 2003
Mary, Queen of Scots, and the murder of Lord Darnley

DA911 .C76 2001
A history of Ireland

DC227.5.A8 G64 2005
1805, Austerlitz : Napoleon and the destruction of the Third Coalition

DD240 .H474 2018
The death of democracy : Hitler's rise to power and the downfall of the Weimar Republic

DF553 .N68 1997
A short history of Byzantium

DK34.L3 S58 1977
The Lapps in Finland : the population, their livelihood, and their culture

DK34.S17 S37 2015
Spmi i ord och bild : en antologi

DL 971 L2 A18 v.12
Om lapparna i Jmtland och Hrjedalen ; folkmngden och dess frndringar under ett arhundrade.

DL1.5.S63 1988
The Small nations of the north.

DL42.L36 A94 1996
Awakened voice : the return of Sami knowledge

DL42.L36 C66 2002
Conflict and cooperation in the North

DL42.L36 H32 1994
The ancient religion and folk-beliefs of the Smi

DL42.L36 K45 2014
The Smi peoples of the North : a social and cultural history

DL42.L36 K8613 1993
The Saami : people of the sun and wind

DL42.L36 M472 1985
Les Lapons

DL42.L36 S2523 1989

DL42.L36 V3513 1983
Greetings from Lappland : the Sami, Europe's forgotten people

DL442 L3 T686 1994
Fra markafinn til Same : etnopolitisk mobilisering in en laestadiansk kontekst

DL442.L3 N67x 1943
Nordlands og Troms finner i eldre hndskrifter.

DL442.L3 S24 1992
Sametinget i navn og tall : høsten 1989-høsten 1993

DL442.L3 T48 1995
Quest for equity : Norway and the Saami challenge

DL442.S2 F48 1994
Festskrift til Ørnulv Vorren.

DL46 .N676 1980
Nord-Skandinaviens historia i tvrvetenskaplig belysning : frhandlingar vid symposium anordnat av Humanistiska fakulteten vid Ume universitet den 7-9 juni 1978

DL576.K82 B56 1985
Fjordfolket i Kvænangen : fra samisk samfunn til norsk utkant, 1550-1980

DL601 .S54 no.11
Kllskrifter rrande kyrka och skola i den svenska lappmarken under 1600-talet.

DL601 .S54 nr. 37
Fjllfolk : livsformer och kulturprocesser i Trna socken under 1800- och 1900-talen

DL601 .S57x 46
Kainuu-Kvnland : ett finsk-norsk-svenskt problem.

DL640.L3 W5 1910
Om lapparna i Sverige

DL641.L35 B67 2002
Den samiska vandringsrsten : jag r kunskapen

DL641.L35 L88 1998
S lnge vi har marker : samerna och staten under sexhundra r

DL641.L35 M67 1999
Om Lapparnes privilegier : frestllningar om samiskhet i svensk samepolitik 1883-1997

DL641.L35 S585 1997
Bota blod och lka hjrta : samer berttar om bot

DL641.L35 U33 2000
Renarna, markerna och människorna : om svenska samers syn på natur, djur och miljö 

DL790 .G7 1980
Resa  ifrån Gräddö till Ratan, eller, Berättelse om Kust-Arméens expedition till Vesterbotten i aug. månad 1809 : jämte åtföljande situations-chartor öfver arméernas positioner i striderna vid Säfvar och Ratan

DL9 .D83 1899
The land of the long night

DL971.L2 B472 1940
Bland Svenskar finnar och Lappar

DL971.L2 B69 1969
The trail of the Arctic nomads;

DL971.L2 K6 1956
Berättelse om en missionsresa till Lappland 1659-60.

DL971.L2 L282 1960
The Lapps to-day in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

DL971.L2 R841 1982
Samerna : i historien och nutiden

DL971.L2 S757 1971
Lapland : journey by reindeer sledge

DL971.L2 T82 1974
Récit de la vie des Lapons

DL971.N6 E37 1991
På jakt efter Norrbottens medeltid : om Nordösteuropas historia och etnologi

DL971.N6 K86 1985
Nordsvensk älvdalskultur : en etnologisk rapport från Lule älvdalsprojektet

DL971.N6 K86 1985
Nordsvensk älvdalskultur : en etnologisk rapport från Lule älvdalsprojektet

DL971.N65 O95 1962
vre Norrlands historia.

DL971.N65 O95 1962
vre Norrlands historia.

DL971.N65 O95 1962
vre Norrlands historia.

DL971.N65 O95 1962
vre Norrlands historia.

DL971.V3 A27 x vol. 10
I Lappland 1868 och 1871 : reseberättelse 

DL991.K54 R44 1977
Laevas : sameby i dag, historia i morgon?

DL991.L86 N82 1965
En gammal Norrbottensbygd : Anteckningar till Lule sockens historia

DL991.L86 N82 1965
En gammal Norrbottensbygd : Anteckningar till Lule sockens historia

DR43 .G54 2012
The Balkans : nationalism, war, and the great powers, 1804-2012

DS134.26 .B73513 2018
A history of Jews in Germany since 1945 : politics, culture, and society

DS286 .R49 2017
Reorienting the Sasanians : East Iran in Late Antiquity

DS778.M3 L833 2017
The rhetoric of Mao Zedong : transforming China and its people

DT763 .R6 1964
Time longer than rope : a history of the black man's struggle for freedom in South Africa

DX222 .D65 2017
The rights of the Roma : the struggle for citizenship in postwar Czechoslovakia

E169.1 .C478 2018
Behold, America : the entangled history of America first and the American dream

E184.A1 D69 2018
Reimagining equality : a new deal for children of color

E184.B67 R37 2016
Czech Village & New Bohemia : history in the heartland

E199 .A59 2000
Crucible of war : the Seven Years' War and the fate of empire in British North America, 1754-1766

E372 .U54 2009
The last founding father : James Monroe and a nation's call to greatness

E91 .K8
Nordamerikansk indianpolitik och svensk samepolitik : en ov̈ersikt och jämförelse 1750-1920

E912 .R87 2018
Russians on Trump : press coverage and commentary

F604.3 .W45 2018
Minnesota : off the beaten path : discover your fun

Folio BF109 .J8 A3 2009
The red book = Liber novus

G370.P9 B37 2007
Marco Polo : from Venice to Xanadu

G58 .U46 nr.1
Flyttlapparna i Gllivare socken.

GB54.5 .P35 2018
The Palgrave handbook of critical physical geography

GE90.S34 N67 1999
Nordic environmental research programme for 1993-1997 : final report and self-evaluation.

GF75 .D27 2017
Gardeners of Eden : rediscovering our importance to nature

GN1 .Y5 1942, ha?ft. 3-4
Norrland : natur, befolkning och nringar

GN1 .Y5 1982
Antropologiskforskning : Svenska sällskapet för antropologi och geografi

GR138.5 .Q98 1997
Samiske beretninger

GR226.N67 R37 1983
Norrländsk folkmedicin : sammanställning av folkmedicinskt arkivmaterial

GR71 .E45 1996
Från silverfisken i Skaga till träguden i Silbojokk : folkloristiska studier 

GT2130 .H3413
Primitive shoes. An archaeological-ethnological study based upon shoe finds from the Jutland peninsula.

GV191.42.M6 F74 2018
A year in the wilderness : bearing witness in the Boundary Waters

GV199.42.S86 T67 2018
Gentle hikes of Minnesota's North Shore : the area's most scenic hikes less than 3 miles

GV223 .M67 2018
Governing bodies : American politics and the shaping of the modern physique

GV341 .S479 2012
Introduction to physical education, fitness, and sport

GV939.C34 T36 2018
Walter Camp and the creation of American football

HC733.5 .T73 1988
Traditional knowledge and renewable resource management in northern regions

HC79.I55 D369 2018
The AI advantage : how to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work

HC79.I55 G64 2018
Antisocial media : anxious labor in the digital economy

HC79.P6 J44 2018
Poverty : a very short introduction

HD31 .P296 2002
Against management : organization in the age of managerialism

HD45 .J47 2018
Reinventing jobs : a 4-step approach for applying automation to work

HD5015 .B55 2018
Hired : six months undercover in low-wage Britain

HD9536.S83 L853 1983x
Luleå silververk : ett norrländskt silververks historia

HD9696.2.U64 K63 2018
Creative selection : inside Apple's design process during the golden age of Steve Jobs

HD9696.8.U62 F56 2018
Lost and founder : a painfully honest field guide to the startup world

HD9940.U4 H36 2014
Clothing & textiles of the fur trade

HF5415 .C482433 2018
Inbound content : a step-by-step guide to doing content marketing the inbound way

HF5415.12615 .M67 2018
The persuasion code : how neuromarketing can help you persuade anyone, anywhere, anytime

HF5415.153 .G36 2014
Creating and marketing new products and services

HF5415.332.Y66 F758 2018
Marketing to Gen Z : the rules for reaching this vast and very different generation of influencers

HF5415.335 .L37 2017
Capturing loyalty : how to measure, generate, and profit from highly satisfied customers

HF5734.5 .L36 2018
Conducting productive meetings : how to generate and communicate ideas for innovation

HF6146.I58 Y683 2018
Ogilvy on advertising in the digital age

HG377.N64 T5 1956
Jorden, skogen, malmen och vattenkraften i morgondagens Norrbotten.

HG9396 .B37 2018
Greed on trial : doctors and patients unite to fight big insurance

HM646 .W66 2018
Getting a life : the social worlds of geek culture

HM742 .M373 2017
Message me : the future of customer service in the era of social messaging and artificial intelligence

HN573 .S84 2002
Svenska värderingar? : att se och ompröva det invanda 

HN59.2 .B36 2018
The defiant : protest movements in post-liberal America

HQ1075 .M425 2018
Trans kids : being gendered in the twenty-first century

HQ1799 .U73 1989
And still they dance : women, war, and the struggle for change in Mozambique

HQ76.27.Y68 L36 2018
The pride guide : a guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth

HQ77.9 .T71525 2018
The trans generation : how trans kids (and their parents) are creating a gender revolution

HT1521 .E844 1992
Ethnic discrimination : comparative perspectives

HV3004 .D42 2005
Deinstitutionalization and people with intellectual disabilities : in and out of institutions

HV5801 .L49 2014
Drugs, behavior, and modern society

HV6626.2 .S88 2018
Goodbye, sweet girl : a story of domestic violence and survival

HV7936.R3 E77 2014
Pulled over : how police stops define race and citizenship

HV8073 .M3327 2015
Forensics : What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA, and More Tell Us About Crime

HV9471 .B384 2018
American prison : a reporter's undercover journey into the business of punishment

JC574 .R67 2018
The lost history of liberalism : from ancient Rome to the twenty-first century

JC599.S3 G658 1994
Oprindelige folks rettigheder i Norden : den historiske og aktuelle situation for grønlændere, samer og de oprindelige folk i Ruslands sibirske områder 

JC599.U5 L85 2018
The coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure

JF799 .F85 2018
Identity : the demand for dignity and the politics of resentment

JK2358.M6 D87 2018
When Republicans were progressive

K3478 .L39 1998
Law and the governance of renewable resources : studies from Northern Europe and Africa

KF3552 .F55 2018
Child labor in America : the epic legal struggle to protect children

KF3775 .S26 2014
Environmental law and policy

KJC5144 .M56 1980
Samene--urbefolkning og minoritet : hva er grunnlaget for samenes krav om rettigheter som eget folk? : foredrag og diskusjoner på et seminar arrangert av forskningsgruppen for samiske studier/etniske relasjoner, Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø, i dagene 7. og 8. november 1979

KJC5144.M56 K67 1994
Om samernas rättsliga ställning i Sverige-Finland : en rättshistorisk utredning av markanvändningsförhållanden och -rättigheter i Västerbottens lappmark före mitten av 1700-talet

KJC6593 .L86 2008
Mark och rätt i Sameland 

KKN2935.F55 J43 1999
Om eiendomsretten til grunnen i Indre Finnmark

KKN3295 .N67 1999
Norsk ressursforvaltning og samiske rettighetsforhold : om statlig styring, almenningens tragedie og lokale sedvaner i Sápmi

KKV2467.M56 S94 1986
Samernas folkrättsliga ställning 

LA2317.C628 A3 2018
Contemplating dis/ability in schools and society : a life in education

LB1057 .S64 2017
A guide to how your child learns : understanding the brain from infancy to young adulthood

LB1062.6 .S773 2018
Changing the course of failure : how schools and parents can help low-achieving students

LB2331 .L56 2018
The craft of university teaching

LB2331 .M394 2014
McKeachie's teaching tips : strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers

LB2822.75 .A54 1993
Classroom assessment techniques : a handbook for college teachers

LB2822.75 .C38 2017
Learning to love assessment : unraveling complexities and generating solutions

LB3430 .H36 2018
Handbook of school-based mental health promotion : an evidence-informed framework for implementation

LB3454 .F67 2018
The role of the speech-language pathologist in RtI : implementing multiple tiers of student support

LC149 .G63 1991
The legacies of literacy : continuities and contradictions in western culture and society

LC156.G7 C73 1980
Literacy and the social order : reading and writing in Tudor and Stuart England

LC191.4 .G96 2018
The schoolroom : a social history of teaching and learning

LC192.2 .S63 2009
Social justice education : inviting faculty to transform their institutions

M2 .R2381 v.108
Requiem : with two related motets

ML423.T6 T47 2000
Jojksamlaren Karl Tirén

MT1 .E54 2018
Engaging musical practices : a sourcebook for elementary general music

N6758 .A749 2018
Art and theory of post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe : a critical anthology

ND497.T8 J6 1994
The life and works of Turner

NK608.L37 B37 1981

P95.45 .J435 2018
Repairing the broken surface of talk : managing problems in speaking, hearing, and understanding in conversation

PD5004 .S89 v.16:4
Häxprocesser i norska Finnmarken 1620-1692; efter domstolsprotokoll.

PH728.K38 M34 1984
Duration in the quantity of bisyllabics in the Guovdageaidnu dialect of North Lappish

PH731 .G37 1993
Med ord skal tyvene fordrives : om samenes episk poetiske diktning

PH734.V35 B43 1988
Beaivi, áhčážan 

PH96 .K6 1982
Samisk-finska båttermer och ortnamnselement och deras slaviska bakgrund : en studie i mellanspråklig ordgeografi och mellanfolklig kulturhistoria

PN145 .W758 2009
The writer's notebook : craft essays from Tin House.

PN151 .B65 1990
Professors as writers : a self-help guide to productive writing

PN187 .W75 2012
The writer's notebook II : craft essays from Tin House.

PN1992.8.A59 D35 2017
The anime boom in the United States : lessons for global creative industries

PN1992.92.A392 Y68 2017
An unlikely audience : Al Jazeera's struggle in America

PN1995.9.N36 R67 2017
Hollywood's spies : the undercover surveillance of Nazis in Los Angeles

PN2596.L6 B46 1988
The great theatres of London : an illustrated companion

PN4784.O24 C374 2017
The news untold : community journalism and the failure to confront poverty in Appalachia.

PN4882.5 .C38 2017
Race news : black journalists and the fight for racial justice in the twentieth century

PN4888.I52 C67 2016
Indians illustrated : the image of Native Americans in the pictorial press

PN6727.L39 Z54 2017
Stan Lee : the man behind Marvel

PQ2260.G36 Z74 2015
On psychological and visionary art : notes from C.G. Jung's lecture on Gerard de Nerval's Aurelia

PR120.P75 G74 2000
Print and Protestantism in early modern England

PR438.S63 E94 1999
Social authorship and the advent of print

PR6062.E33 N5 1993
The night manager : a novel

PR6063.O593 J47 2016
Jerusalem : a novel

PR6063.O593 J47 2016
Jerusalem : a novel

PR6063.O593 J47 2016
Jerusalem : a novel

PS3053 .R53 1986
Henry Thoreau : a life of the mind

PS3608.E79 M37 2018
Mary Jane

PS627.O53 E88 1995
EST marathon 1994 : one-act plays

PT1682.W8 S67 2004
Reading the medieval book : word, image, and performance in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Willehalm

PT9297.S26 B55 2000
Bilden av det samiska : samerna och det samiska i sko?nlitteratur, forskning och debatt

PT9875.B456 L37 1936
Lappen Sjul berättar ; skildringar från fjällen.

PT9876.17.R15 S2 1974
Same ätnam : berövat land

PT9876.19.D5 S9 1978
Sunnanvind : [roman]

Q334.7 .C65 2018
Artifictional intelligence : against humanity's surrender to computers

QA273 .D46 2008
Probability and statistics for engineering and the sciences

QA276.12 .U88 1996
Seeing through statistics

QA929 .B5 2007
Transport phenomena

QC926.32 .R95 2001
Snö : en renskötare berättar 

QH138.C54 F67 2016
The wood for the trees : one man's long view of nature

QH43 .A3 1905
Skrifter af Carl von Linné : utgifna af Kungl. svenska vetenskapsakademien.

QH541.5.C6 J36 2018
The biology of urban environments

QL737 U55 H477 1981
Studies on wild forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus Lonn.) and semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus L.) in Finland

QL785 .F49 2018
Field and laboratory methods in animal cognition : a comparative guide

QP303 .I53 2005
Introduction to kinesiology : studying physical activity

R575.L3 Q5 1932
Lappische heilkunde,

R723.5 .M66 2018
Choice matters : how healthcare consumers make decisions (and why clinicians and managers should care)

RA1231.L4 H34 2018
What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city

RA399.A1 K455 2007
Applying quality management in healthcare : a systems approach

RA399.A3 H433 2005
The healthcare quality book : vision, strategy, and tools

RA410 .P48 2018
Health economics

RA418 .E326 2015
Essentials of health behavior : social and behavioral theory in public health

RA425 .S28 2006
Introduction to public health

RA440 .C66 2009
Community health education methods : a practical guide

RA440 .D47 2004
Derryberry's educating for health : a foundation for contemporary health education practice

RA440 .G725 2005
Health program planning : an educational and ecological approach

RA440.4 .S53 2014
Measurement and evaluation for health educators

RA445 .T86 2009
Public health : what it is and how it works

RA564.85 .K655 2018
From hysteria to hormones : a rhetorical history

RA566 .I55 2002
Interconnections between human health and ecological integrity

RA591 .C53 2018
The poisoned city : Flint's water and the American urban tragedy

RA776.9 .H39 2014
Introduction to health behavior theory

RA777.6 .F46 2008
Health in the later years

RA971.3 .E482 2016
Healthcare disrupted : next generation business models and strategies

RB155.5 .G4616 2017
Genetics & inherited conditions

RC423 .F646 2018
Motor speech disorders : diagnosis and treatment

RC423 .H38286 2018
Hegde's pocketguide to treatment in speech-language pathology

RC423 .H38287 2018
Hegde's pocketguide to communication disorders

RC424.7 .P37 2018
The practitioner's path in speech-language pathology : the art of school-based practice

RC428.8 .H65 2020
Counseling in communication disorders : a wellness perspective

RC428.8 .R67 2018
Speech-language pathologists in early childhood intervention : working with infants, toddlers, families, and other care providers

RC451.4.B73 O77 2018
Cognitive rehabilitation therapy for traumatic brain injury : a guide for speech-language pathologists

RC465.5 .G764 2018
Therapy with a coaching edge : partnership, action and possibility in every session

RC49 .M522 2006
Mind/body health : the effects of attitudes, emotions, and relationships

RC521 .C34 2018
Dementia and human rights

RC547 .N53 2018
Sleepyhead : the neuroscience of a good night's rest

RC552.W74 B36 2012
Around the writer's block : using brain science to solve writer's resistance : including writer's block, procrastination, paralysis, perfectionism, postponing, distractions, self-sabotage, excessive criticism, overscheduling, and endlessly delaying your writing

RC553.A88 F35 2018
Geeks, genes, and the evolution of Asperger syndrome

RJ496.C67 K54 2018
EXPanding receptive and expressive skills through stories (EXPRESS) : language formulation in children with selective mutism and other communication needs

RJ506.A9 A867 2018
Assessment of autism spectrum disorder

RM216 .P67 2016
Nutrition for a changing world

RM316 .R39 2008
Drugs, society, and human behavior

SB484.S8 C8 1968
Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet, Padjelanta. Three national parks in Swedish Lapland.

SF208 .Y686 2018
The secret life of cows

SF401.R4 N66 1985
Northern land use and grazing animals : proceedings from a UNESCO-MAB Northern Science Network symposium.

SF401.R4 W55x 1996
Pre-slaughter handling of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus L.) : effects on meat quality

SK361 .S7264 2018
State wildlife management and conservation

T14.5 .H353 2015
Imagining slaves and robots in literature, film, and popular culture : reinventing yesterday's slave with tomorrow's robot

TD195.G3 G747 2018
Amity and prosperity : one family and the fracturing of America

TD793.9 .S64 2014
Making the modern world : materials and dematerialization

TK5105.8857 .C54 2019
Internet of things, for things, and by things

TP155.2.T45 S36 2011
An introduction to applied statistical thermodynamics

TP370 .T46 2018
Best before : the evolution and future of processed food

TR655 .H369 2017
You an orchestra you a bomb

TS990 .V33 2013
Handmade shoes for men

UB403 .C486 2018
Mothers of the military : support and politics during wartime

UG479 .G35 2015
Military robots : mapping the moral landscape

Unknown Call Number
Nomadskola en lapplärarinnas upplevelser 

Unknown Call Number
Språkbyte och språkbevarande i ett internationellt perspektiv : med särskilt beaktande av situationen för samiskan i Sverige

Unknown Call Number

Unknown Call Number
Northern lights

Unknown Call Number
Sjätte nordiska samekonferensen i Hetta den 16-19 augusti 1968 : Berättelse fran Nordiska samerådets sekretariat 

Unknown Call Number
Samerätt och samiskt språk : slutbetänkande 

Unknown Call Number
Samerätt och sameting : huvudbetänkande av Samerättsutredningen

Z1003 .E87 1993
The Ethnography of reading

Z1003.5.E9 C4713 1994
The order of books : readers, authors, and libraries in Europe between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries

Z124 .U8313 1989
The Culture of print : power and the uses of print in early modern Europe

Z2559.L53 B55 1984
Sámi bibliografia : čállosat Norggas 1966-1980 = Samisk bibliografi : utgivelser i Norge 1966-1980

Z2650 .Q9 1978
Bibliographie der lappischen Litteratur

Z5111 .S85 1979
Svensk etnologisk bibliografi 1972-1978

Children's Literature

Legends and folktales of Lappland;

398.2089 S524s

Throne of glass

Compact Disc

CD 1760
Seven little wonders


PN1995.9.L37 F74684 2006
Frente al mar

TT921.5 .T43 2018
Teaching clay in the classroom: : a guide for K-12 teachers

Graphic Novels

NC1764.8.D3 P47 2018
Anatomy of a metahuman

PN6727.B679 A55 2018
Anthony Bourdain's hungry ghosts

PN6727.H27 L57 2017
Lissa : a story about medical promise, friendship, and revolution

PN6728.M6548 L48 2016

PN6728.M6548 L48 2018

PN6728.M65483 L48 2017

PZ7.7.U53 Ch 2018
Check, please!

NE MN History Collection

HJ9013.D8 B1
Comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ended ...


F614.D8 P6
Duluth/North Shore, MN Polk city directory.

HF5415.153 .P35 2013
The PDMA handbook of new product development

HF5601 .F5692
FASB accounting standards update.

HF5601 .F5692
FASB accounting standards update.

HF5601 .F5692
FASB accounting standards update.

HF5601 .F5692
FASB accounting standards update.

HG4501 .S7949
... SBBI yearbook : stocks, bonds, bills and inflation.

Special Collections

DL641.L35 B55 1990
Bilder av samer.

DL971 .L2 1928
Vildmarksliv i Lappland : för hundra år sedan

DL971.T65 T67 1991x
Tornedalens historia

GE90.S34 N67 1999
Nordiska miljöforskningsprogrammet 1993-1997 : slutrapport och egenutvärdering 

GN673 .R8 1959
Folk och miljö : Arktiska folk 

HQ755 .L97r 1914
Rasbiologi och rashygien, små populärventenskapliga skisser.

KKV3123 .S97 1963
Slakt och kastrering av ren jämte andra djurskyddsfrågor : betänkande.

PH18 .W53 1997
Valda skrifter : utgivna med anledning av 80-rsdagen den 7. IX 1997

Unknown Call number
Eldste skriftkilder om samer

Unknown Call number
Vildmarksliv i norrskenslandet; skildrat för ung och gammal.

Unknown Call number
Nybyggarliv om nybyggarlivet i Lule Lappmark kring sekelskiftet 1900

Unknown Call number
Renbetesmarkerna: betänkande avgivet av renbetestmarksutredningen.

Wellness Collection

BL624 .S422 2001
Health of the human spirit : spiritual dimensions for personal health

GV1041 .P48 2012
Just ride : a radically practical guide to riding your bike

HG4521 .T98 2013
Investing in your 20s & 30s for dummies

RA781.7 .T27 2017
Yoga body & mind handbook : easy poses and guided meditations : perfect peace wherever you are

TT820 .R24 2015
The knitting answer book : solutions to every problem you'll ever face ; answers to every question you'll ever ask

TT820 .S86 2003
Stitch 'n bitch : the knitter's handbook