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Research Insight 8.4.1, with data files produced in 2015, is available at the "EDD" workstation on the Library's second floor. EDD is on the same counter as a public scanner, near the restrooms (see second floor map).

Research Insight can also be installed on UMD-owned computers in faculty or departmental offices.
To request an installation in LSBE, contact the LSBE Technology Program. As a backup, or for an installation not in LSBE, contact Kyle Harriss in the Library via email or phone 726-6546.

To Run Research Insight

  • Click on the "start" button in the lower left
  • Select "Research Insight"

User Documentation for Research Insight:

Getting Started:

Beyond the Basics:

Report and Chart Library

Data Guide:

Standard & Poor's Research Insight North America Data Guide (931 pages, PDF)

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For more information on how to access or use this database, please contact:

James Vileta
Phone: 218-726-6157