Weekly Highlights August 7 - 14

Weekly Highlights August 7 - 14

  1. Scholarly Publishing ()
  2. Open Access and OER ()
  3. Copy Right and Fair Use ()
  4. Data Sharing and Curation ()
  5. ChatGPT and AI ()
  6. Conferences and Events ()

Scholarly Publishing and Research

  1. Why does a high-impact publication matter so much for a career in research?  

  2. Shifts to open access with high article processing charges hinder research equity and careers

    Open Access and OER

  3. Big Ten Open Books  
  4. Is open access tarnished?   
    As open access terms have split into colour-coded brands, not all allow totally unrestricted access and reuse. Among these, “bronze OA” stands out as a potentially damaging misnomer  
  5. ‘Open science’ advocates warn of widespread academic fraud  
    Scandals at Stanford and Harvard show manipulation of research remains an issue despite growth of ‘data detectives’  
    “The observation of fraud is certainly increasing, but we don’t know the denominator.”  
    “p-hacking” — efforts to find patterns once data has been generated, rather than respecting the scientific method of first developing and then testing hypotheses.  
  6. House Bill Seeks to Limit Access to Federally Funded Research 
  7. DSpace-CRIS is the first CRIS/RIMS free & open-source to meet new ORCID services certification criteria 

  8. Copy Right and Fair Use

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    Data Sharing and Curation

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    Digital Humanities

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    ChatGPT and AI

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    Conferences and events

  15. Webinar – Shaping the Future of Scholarly Communication: The Role of Preprint Peer Review