Weekly Highlights June 26 - July 3

Weekly Highlights June 26 - July 3

  • Scholarly Publishing (1-2)
  • Open Access and OER (3-4)
  • Copy Right and Fair Use (5-6)
  • Data Sharing and Curation (7-8)
  • ChatGPT and AI (9-10)
  • Conferences and Events (11-14)

Scholarly Publishing and Research

  1. Poor visibility of retracted articles: a problem that should no longer be ignored
    Article retraction—the withdrawal of an article published in an academic journal1—is “a mechanism for correcting the literature and alerting readers to articles that contain such seriously flawed or erroneous content or data that their findings and conclusions cannot be relied upon.”2 Although retractions are still rare, with around five retractions per 10 000 articles published,345 rates have increased. 
  2. Biology needs one journal, not 4,000, says Nobel prizewinner
    Open Access and OER
  3. The first 12 chapters of Organic Chemistry: A Tenth Edition are now published

  4. Predatory behaviour in publication ethics

    Copy Right and Fair Use, Plagiarism

  5. Toward Reflexive Practice: Deconstructing Academic Integrity, EDI, and Awareness Training from an Indigenous Perspective

  6. A Dishonesty Expert Stands Accused of Fraud. Scholars Who Worked With Her Are Scrambling.

    Data Sharing and Curation

  7. How to make your scientific data accessible, discoverable and useful

  8. The Role of Political Devotion in Sharing Partisan Misinformation and Resistance to Fact-Checking

    ChatGPT and AI

  9. Teaching Center doesn’t endorse any generative AI detection tools
    Based on their professional judgment, the Teaching Center has concluded that “current AI detection software is not yet reliable enough to be deployed without a substantial risk of false positives and the consequential issues such accusations imply for both students and faculty.



    Conferences and events

  11. Teaching digitisation to combat cultural erasure: a roundtable discussion
    July 6, 5PM local time is 11AM Central Chicago time, Zoom event

  12. Policy makes Practice: Open Science and Public Funding for the Public Good
    Jul 12, 2023 07:00 AM, Central Time

  13. Dark ontology – the university as rift

  14. Position opening