Weekly Highlights May 15 - 22

Weekly Highlights May 15 - 22

  • Scholarly Publishing (1)
  • Open Access and OER (2-3)
  • Data Sharing and Curation (4-5)
  • Digital Humanities (6-9)
  • Conferences and Events (10-12)

Scholarly Publishing and Research

  1. Publishers can’t be blamed for clinging to the golden goose

    Open Access and OER

  2. Need to know on understanding open access
    Curtin U Open Knowledge Initiative
    "The naming convention for open access is to use colours, gems and metals, with no standard distinguishing descriptors – which makes it hard to distinguish the charges that will make publisher"

  3. Upcoming event by #PALOMERA project on opportunities & challenges that #OpenAccess book funder policies present for your work.

    Data Sharing and Curation

  4. We Need a Better Way to Share Earth Observations.
    A more accessible, open data-sharing infrastructure will engage a broader community of contributors, helping to develop satellite data products that benefit Earth science research and applications.
    "Maps, graphs, models, and other such data products created from satellite observations play critical roles because of the wide, often global-scale coverage they provide"

  5. How do you design digital learning activities that promote digital citizenship skills?

    Digital Humanities

  6. Debates in the Digital Humanities 2023

  7. Digital Humanities Advancement Grants

  8. Researching Manuscripts Through Encoding by Katarzyna Anna Kapitan
    This lecture provides an overview of some of the possibilities and challenges associated with applying digital tools and methods to manuscript materials and emphasises the importance of digital literacy in humanities training. In order to create new cutting-edge knowledge, philologists and manuscript scholars today need to be trained not only in palaeography, codicology, and historical linguistics, but also in data science, programming, and project management. 

  9. DARIAH Annual Event 2023 Cultural Heritage Data as Humanities Research Data? June 7 - 9, Budapesthttps://www.conftool.net/dariah2023/index.php?page=browseSessions&form_session=31

    Conferences and events

  10. “Publisher bans & DORA” roundtable, May 15, 11AM Central



  12. UB & CDH Workshop: Transkribus and Optical Character Recognition
    In this demo and workshop, the presenter will first demonstrate how to use OCR software on printed collections and Transkribus (HTR software) on handwritten material – such as the Special Collections of the Utrecht University Library.