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Course Reserves for Students

What Is Course Reserves?

Course Reserves is a library service that provides access to high-demand materials your professor or instructor has identified as being important to a course. Physical books, media items, kits, PDFs, and electronic resources can all be placed on course reserves. 

To see if your course has material on reserve, log in to the Course Reserves website

Once logged in, click on the My Courses tab. If the box says “You are not enrolled in any classes this semester,” it simply means that none of the classes you are currently enrolled in has material on reserve. 

When materials are on reserve for one of your courses, you will see the course prefix and number, course name, and instructor. Clicking on the course name or prefix will bring you to a list of items on reserve for that course.

Electronic Reserve Materials

Electronic resources and PDFs can be accessed right from the course reserves list. Click the title to be brought directly to the electronic resource or to open the PDF on your computer. 

Checking Out Physical Items on Reserve

You will need to know the title of the item you need to check out when you come to the Circulation desk at the library. Library employees are not able to look up course reserves lists because the system restricts this information to persons currently enrolled in the course. 

Helpful Tips 

  • Clicking the "more info" link will bring you to that item’s record in the library catalog, where you will be able to see if the item is available or already checked out.
  • Did your professor or instructor tell you that material would be available on reserve but when you logged in you didn't see the course listed? If it is early in the semester, the material could still be in processing. Check with your instructor or log back into the Course Reserves website after a day or two has passed.
  • To provide access to more students, we restrict checkouts to one reserve item at a time. 
  • Items on reserve have either a 3-hour or 1-day checkout limit. 
  • Due to high demand, fines are $1 per hour for overdue reserve materials.
  • If you would like additional help or instruction on accessing your course reserves lists, please come to the first floor Circulation desk.

Course Reserves Contact Information

Cassandra Prange