Streaming Video and Digitization Services

Process for Requesting a Streaming Video

Would you like the library to provide access to a streaming video for your class? These are the steps:

  1. Search the library catalog to determine if we already have access, this short video will show you how.
  2. Contact your subject librarian with your streaming video request.
  3. Your subject librarian refers the request to the Electronic Resources Librarian at [email protected].
  4. The e-Resources librarian works with the vendor to obtain rights to digitize a video in-house or get access to a vendor hosted copy and obtain quote for access, if available.
  5. The e-Resources librarian informs the subject librarian of cost, rights, and any other factors to determine if streaming is a viable option.
  6. The subject librarian may confer with the faculty member about video needs, or they may confirm the purchase.
  7. If in-house digitization is licensed, the library works with the Multimedia Hub to digitize the film.
  8. Extra time may be necessary for cataloging the streamed video.
  9. The video is made available to UMD faculty, staff, and students via a record in the library catalog.

What Determines the Cost to License a Streaming Video?

Many factors affect cost, including the vendor, production company/owner of the film, length of the video, number of sections/films/episodes within a collection, age/popularity of the video, length of the license, etc. The electronic resources librarian will obtain a quote for a streaming video before confirming an order.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Streaming Video?

The process from the time of the request to user access can range from a few days to a few months depending on licensing and digitization needs. It is best to request the streaming video as soon as you know it is needed. The process can be faster if we are working with vendors we have previously worked with. Here are some of the vendors we regularly use:

Contact your subject librarian for assistance with streaming videos.

Captioning Needs

If you have been contacted by Disability Resources for a student who needs accommodations, including videos with captions, we can help. To start, contact your subject librarian. We will work through the above process to get a video captioned. Be sure to contact your subject librarian as soon as you are aware of the accommodation request.

Instructor created videos and materials can be uploaded to the Kaltura MediaSpace. This service provides automated captioning and caption editing software.

More information about captioning can be found on the Multimedia Hub's site including Correcting YouTube Auto-Captions

Digitizing a DVD or VHS

When you request a streaming copy of a DVD or VHS tape owned by the library, we will work through the above process. To start, contact your subject librarian.

If you are requesting a streaming copy of a DVD or VHS tape you own, you may contact your subject librarian or the Multimedia Hub.

Digitization of a DVD or VHS tape is not guaranteed, as vendors do not always provide digital rights to all films. In order to get a streaming copy of a video or digitize a DVD or VHS, the library is obligated to follow copyright law. For more information, visit the following:

Contact Jodi Carlson Grebinoski for assistance with copyright.