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Census 2000 and Earlier Censuses

American FactFinder (AFF) - comprehensive database presenting Census 2000 data in tables, datasets, and maps. For data not on AFF and other Census Bureau information go to Gateway to Census 2000 or to the U.S. Census Bureau. American FactFinder will be retired in June 2019 and replaced by

Beginning June 2019 will be the primary way to access data from the 2018 American Community Survey, 2017 Economic Census, 2020 Census, and more!

Census data for Minnesota may also be found at the Minnesota State Demographic Center.

Demographic Trends in the Twentieth Century: U.S. Census Special Report (2002) - Data drawn from an analysis of 11 censuses conducted between 1900 and 2000 and that show changes over time on population, housing and household data for the nation, regions, and states.

Historical Statistics of the United States

1990 Census data can be found on CD-ROMs (with go-extract features) on the stand-alone computers (EDD) in the Library Reference Area and in paper on the third floor under the call number HA201 1990. 1990 Census data for Minnesota can be found on Datanet.

1980 Census data is available in paper only with the call number HA 201 1980 on the Library third floor.

1970 Census data is available in paper only with the call number HA 201 1970 on the Library third floor.

Census data from 1940 - 1980 is available in paper on the 3rd floor of the Library with the following call numbers:


     - HA 201 1980


     - HA 201 1970


     - HA 201 1960


     - HA 201 1950


     - HA 201 1940

    For more information on how to find census data, contact:
    Mags David
    Kathryn A. Martin Library L274
    Phone: 218-726-8585