GIFable UMD Winners

Apr 11, 2018

The winners of the first-ever Kathryn A. Martin Library GIFable UMD contest have been announced!

UMD students were invited to submit GIFs that captured their UMD story. For the uninitiated, GIFs are images in “graphics interchange format”—you know, those cute looping videos or animated photos that are popularly shared on social media.

See the 2018 GIFable UMD winners, selected by four judges, including two librarians, one art faculty member, and a library student employee.

Each winner will receive a $100 gift card to use at UMD Stores.

To view all of the entries, check out the Kathryn A. Martin Library GIPHY channel.

Contest rules were posted on the library’s website. Watch for the GIFable UMD contest next year!

For more information about the contest, contact Ian Moore, [email protected] (218-726-6955), or Charlene Brown, [email protected] (218-726-8539).