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During busy times of each semester, it’s common to see students crowded throughout the library for epic cram sessions.

The sight of the frazzled student hunkered down to master a chosen discipline remains the same today as it did 50 years ago, though the scenery has certainly changed. While the helpful librarians are still ever-present guiding researchers through a morass of information, stacks of books are now accompanied or even replaced by one or more devices. Silent, solitary studying is still welcomed, but so is group work and collaboration–with pairs and teams of undergraduates animatedly working together on whiteboards or computer-connected displays.

We’ve made bold changes, but in order to continue to be an integral, valuable partner with UMD classrooms, laboratories, and performance spaces, we need your help. Access to supportive services and scholarly resources that ensure student success are critically important. Updating our building and our collections so that they remain relevant to our campus is crucial. Upgrading technology to keep students engaged in their studies is imperative.

We know we can do moreand our students deserve it—but we can’t do it alone. Like a study group preparing for a test, we know we can only meet these challenges with the help of committed partners like you. Please join us and help us meet the demands of the future. Thank you!


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Matthew Rosendahl

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