Printing in the Library

Printing Fees

The cost for printing is $.05 per black and white 8.5 x 11 inch page, available on the first, second, and third floor of the library (see maps). For color or larger sizes, the UMD Print Shop can help you.

Pay With Your U Card

Cash to card machine in wall on first floor of library
Cash-to-Card Machine

To print, you need to have money on your U Card (for current UMD affiliates). Faculty, staff, and enrolled students can add funds to their U Card at any cash-to-card location or from a cashier in Darland, first floor. It may take up to 30 minutes for the funds to appear.

Once you print, your job will stay in the print queue for two hours. Go to any print station inside or outside the library, swipe your card through the small card reader at the base of the monitor, highlight your print job on the screen, and click print.

Printing From Your Own Device

If printing from your own device or laptop and need help with configuration, contact the TechCenter HelpDesk.

Steps for Printing

Step 1

In your application, click File / Print Preview. This shows what will print. Tip: To save money, choose only the page range you want, or change margins and font size to reduce paper. Name your print job.

Step 2

Click Print. From the drop-down, choose the printer name to select color or black & white. Set the page range you want. Click OK.

Small card swiper attached to the base of a monitor

Step 3

Go to a printer station (see locations) within two hours before your job expires. Swipe your U Card through the attached card reader. 

Step 4

Highlight your job on the screen (one at a time). Click Print at the bottom to start printing. Click logoff.

Print station showing a highlighted print job with cost and Print button


What if I need help?

To get help, visit an ITSS lab consultant on floor 1, to the right of the circulation desk.
In-library help is at 218-726-8858.
For technical help anywhere on campus, including the library, call the ITSS TechCenter at 218-726-8847.

Where are the library print stations?

printers on first floor

First floor has printers in front of and also on the circulation desk - See maps Library Floor 1.

Second Floor Printer Stations in the curved area

Second floor printers are in the large "arc" - See maps Library Floor 2.

Third Floor Printer Stations by the big staircase

Third floor printers are near the main staircase - See maps Library Floor 3.