Pay Fines & Fees - Library Guests

Automatic Renewals Help Reduce Overdue Fines

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The library automatically renews most loans (items with a loan period of 3 days or more) until a final renewal date is reached. For guest users, this end date for a regular book loan occurs 3 months after checkout.

Fines won't accrue on long-term loans unless a borrower fails to return an item that is recalled or unless the borrower keeps materials beyond the end renewal date.

Materials with short-term loan periods (such as DVDs) must be renewed or returned by the date due, or fines will accrue.

Be aware that all loans are subject to recall. If this happens, you will have one week to return the item recalled. Recall overdue fines are $1 per day.

1 Week Loan - 13 Week Loan $0.50/day $1.00/day
3 Day Loan $1.00/day $1.00/day


How to Pay

You may pay your fines at the Circulation desk during hours when the library is open. Ask to speak with a Circulation supervisor or lead desk assistant. Fines may be paid with cash, personal or bank check.

The fee for processing a check from an account with insufficient funds is $20.

To find out what bills you may owe at the library, contact the Circulation desk at 218-726-6120.

Item Billed as Lost?

If an item becomes more than 30 days overdue, it will be billed as a lost item. The fee for a lost or non-returned item includes the replacement fee ($100) plus $15 for processing. Payment for a lost item does not clear any fines or fees associated with it.

If you have lost an item you borrowed from the UMD Kathryn A. Martin Library, you may replace it instead of paying the $100 replacement fee. The replacement copy must be the same edition and in "excellent" condition. The Overdues Specialist at the library will make the final decision whether a copy is acceptable. The processing fee and overdue fines will still apply.

Items with short-term loan periods will be billed as lost even before they become 30 days overdue.


If you accumulate $10 or more in overdue fines or have four or more items that are overdue, your borrowing privileges will be blocked.

Return overdue materials and pay fines at the Circulation desk.

If you have any questions, call 218-726-6120.