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Computers & Technology

Library Computers for Students, Faculty, and Staff

You'll find computers on each floor of the library, most requiring a UMD internet ID and password. Every floor has at least some Windows computing access - including basic access AND full access.

First floor

On first floor in the lobby and alcove we have 10 Windows thin clients. Additionally, there are 30 Windows thin clients in KAML 116 which are available when the room is not reserved for other uses. Each thin client offers basic access to basic access students, and full access to the students who are on the full-access list.

Second floor

The second floor has two Macs, and four Windows thin clients.

Third floor

The third floor has numerous Macs, some of which are designated as either basic access or full access. Also four Windows thin clients.

Fourth floor

The fourth floor has 30 Windows thin clients.

See library maps.

If you are a UMD student, staff, or faculty member and need technical help, ask the ITSS lab attendant at the far right of the circulation desk, 218-726-8858. Or call the ITSS main help desk at 218-726-8847.

  • The UMD WiFi network is available to UMD-affiliated laptop and device users.
  • For quick access regardless of affiliation, we have "library catalog only" computers on the first, third, and fourth floors of the library.

Basic Access and Full Access

Currently enrolled students and faculty/staff can sign in to any Windows Desktop Computing thin client, and your registration will determine whether you are served basic access or full access. Students who have paid the full access lab fee will have access to additional software. See a list of installed software, as well as more information about UMD computer labs. if you wish to use a Macintosh, choose one marked as either basic access or full access on either the second or third floor. The majority of Macs are on the third floor.

Wired Network Jacks

Wired network jacks can be found in some study carrels on the third and fourth floors, and in some tables in the first floor reading room. All floors of the library have good wireless coverage.

Access to Library Computers—Guest Users

A limited number of computers are available for community users on a first-come, first-served basis. On the first floor of the library, find seven Windows guest computers marked with signage. On your first visit, stop at the Circulation desk to ask for a guest account. Users can log in to guest computers for up to two hours per day.

For quick access, we have "library catalog only" computers on the first, third, and fourth floors of the library.

Visitors with laptops or devices can use the UMD Guest Wireless Service for temporary web-only access.

See library maps for details.

Technology Spaces in the Library

Active Learning Classroom 410

Used by Pharmacy classes that interact with instructors on the Twin Cities University of Minnesota campus, this room offers the latest in active learning classroom design.

Adaptive Equipment Rooms

Three rooms in the library have adaptive equipment. Follow the Circulation desk on the first floor as it curves to the left to find KAML 122, 124, and 126. Curious about specific hardware or software? Visit Services for Patrons with Disabilities, or the campus Assistive Technology page.

Instruction Labs 115 and 116

KAML 116 is a library instruction lab with Windows 10 computers. The first priority for this lab is instruction, but it is available for basic access computing when not in use by class groups.

KAML 115 is used exclusively for library instruction and meetings. This room has no computers except a PC up front.

Multimedia Hub

You can work on video, audio, photos, and websites in the Multimedia Hub, and you can even check out equipment. Visit the Multimedia Hub in KAML 260, the library's second floor rotunda.

Securian Mathematics Learning Labs

The Mathematics Learning Labs in KAML 206 and 208 offer a newly expanded computing space for math courses, as well as for general student use during evenings and weekends.

This learning space provides math students with web-based materials and instructor support, allowing progress at a rate that fits the individual.