International and Foreign Government Resources

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Country Information

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
Country Links A-Z (JVileta) - emphasis on business
Country Studies (Library of Congress)
Governments on the World Wide Web
IMF Staff Country Reports
Countries and Regions (State Dept.)
International Documents (Northwestern U)
World Fact Book (CIA)

International Organizations

International Governmental Organizations (Northwestern)
International Monetary Fund
Human Rights Resources
United Nations System
World Bank

Data Information - UNdata

International Law and Treaties

Constitutions, Treaties, and Declarations
Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases (NYU)
Nations of the World: Guide to Law Online (Library of Congress)
Treaties in Force, January 1, 1999 (U.S. State Department)
United Nations Treaty Collection

European Union

EUROPA - European Union's Server
EURO - the one currency for Europe
EUROPARL - includes treaties, official journal, and other information about the European Union Parliament
EUROSTAT - statistical resources on the European Union
European Union Internet Resources (UC Berkeley)

U.S. Foreign Policy

Department of Defense
House Committee on International Relations
National Security Council
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Department of State

International Statistics

State of the World Population: 2004 (UNFPA)
Statistical Offices by Country (US Census)
United Nations Social Indicators
United Nations Statistics Division
World Development Reports


INIS Database (International Nuclear Information System)

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