Connect from Off Campus

The Kathryn A. Martin Library offers a large number of online research databases, some of which have licensing restricted to current UMD students, faculty, and staff. Electronic documents placed on Course Reserves are also restricted. To use resources that require you to be on a UMD IP address, select one of the options below.

Option 1. The UMD EZproxy Server

When you use the Library's licensed databases, the EZproxy server will detect that you are not in the library and will serve you the standard University of Minnesota sign-in screen. Enter your UMD Internet ID and password to gain access. Please keep in mind that many database providers show their own login screens. If you don't see "University of Minnesota," do not enter password information.

Option 2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If the EZproxy option doesn't work, try installing and logging into UMD's VPN (virtual private network). This will open up restricted resources as if you were on campus. Turn off VPN when not needed using the icon in the system tray.

More Information about Connecting from Off Campus:


If you are off-campus, your firewall may prevent access to the library's databases or catalog. Check your own firewall software - it should have settings where you can open and close specific ports. Allow outbound traffic on port 2443 (first choice) or 2048 (second choice) for Routers may also have a built-in firewall, so you may have to consult your router's instructions as well, or call the TechCenter Help Desk at 218-726-8847.


The library may own a resource, but still deny off-campus access. For some reason, the necessary EZProxy prefix might be missing. Just add the EZProxy prefix to the front of the resource's URL to gain access.

Paste this in front:

The result might look something like this:

If your computer happens to be running a proxy server, it can interfere with the library's proxy server.

If you get "page cannot be displayed" and you are at at a place other than UMD, please consult your network administrator. If the appropriate ports have been opened in the organization's firewall, there may be a competing proxy server in use at your site. The network staff will have to help you select the right settings so the two proxy servers are not in conflict with each other.

Graduate Students Not Currently Enrolled

No access to library resources? If you are not currently enrolled, contact your department about enrolling in GRAD 0999 - Graduate School Active Status. Fees still apply, but not tuition. This will grant access to the library resources.

Need Help?

If you have trouble connecting to library databases, please contact [email protected] or call 218-726-6120 for assistance.