Donating to the Kathryn A. Martin Library

Kathryn A. Martin Library Policy


The Kathryn A. Martin Library welcomes monetary donations that enable us to enhance our collections and improve our services. Financial contributions in support of the Library can be made through the UMD Friends of the Library.

The Library's Archives and Special Collections Department collects and preserves materials that document the history of the University of Minnesota Duluth and the surrounding region of Northern Minnesota. To discuss a potential donation, please contact the archives at [email protected] or 218-726-8526.

The Library is no longer able to accept most donations of books and other material for the general collection. This change in policy is due to serious space constraints and the high cost of sorting, reviewing, and processing donated material. Please consider one of these other options for passing along your material: your local public library, used bookstores, or charitable organizations.

If you feel your potential gift is of critical research value to the Library, please contact Kim Pittman, Head of Research and Learning, at [email protected] or 218-726-7829 and provide your name and contact information, along with a description or characterization of the material.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kathryn A. Martin Library.

Approved by Collections Committee on March 24, 2020.


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