Library seeks help with website card sorting activity!

The Kathryn A. Martin Library is reorganizing the library’s website, and they'd like your help!

Card sorting is a tool used to help viewers/users organize website information into categories that make sense to them, this effort helps overall website design and navigation and helps web designers understand how people interact in information spaces.  Card sorts can be done physically with items such as sticky notes or digitally using online tools. 

The library is conducting a card sort for its website specifically to organize pages in different groupings. The outcome of this activity is to make it easier for our users to find information that otherwise may have already been or would have been put in a different section.

The library’s Web Committee would appreciate your help with a card sort for our website! The activity should take around 5-10 minutes.  Card sorts are easy (even if you’ve never done one before), just drag and drop, or come up with your own groups if that makes more sense to you.   

The Web Committee’s goal is to have 30 responses for the card sort. The activity is currently open and will remain open through May 24, 2023, unless additional responses are needed.

If you'd like to help us, please follow the link for the card sort created by the University of Minnesota's Usability Lab.

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