Library Welcomes Artist in Residence

The Kathryn A. Martin Library welcomes and celebrates its first Artist-in-Residence. 

Duluth-based multimedia artist Kathy McTavish began an artist residency in the Kathryn A. Martin Library on April 1st. The residency continues through May 30, 2025. Kathy's work blends data, text, code, sound, and abstract, layered moving images. The work is informed by her background in cello performance, mathematics, ecology, music theory, and coding. During the residency Kathy will be in conversation with library staff and library users to consider the work of libraries and librarians, seeking connections with multiple forms of representation of information, both new and old, and the systems that create and support them.

“Old-school codework is becoming a folk art as the mainstream technology world is subsumed by proprietary platforms. Generative, networked, "ecological" work has a digital materiality that has interested me ::: a living work with its levers and gears :::: its language of motion and change.”

Public contact in relation to the artist-in-residence program will begin fall semester 2024.

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