Library Instruction

Request Library & Information Literacy Instruction

Invite collaboration with a subject librarian who specializes in the discipline(s) of your class to offer information literacy instruction and support for your students. Contact your subject librarian to discuss your course and goals for instruction and collaboration. If you are unsure who your subject librarian is, contact Kim Pittman.

What Is Information Literacy Instruction?

UMD subject librarians can work with you to help your students navigate the research process and evaluate information critically. Librarians can offer support for your course in several ways:

  • In-person/embedded information literacy instruction to support course assignments
  • Online research guides for specific courses or assignments
  • Online instruction for specific courses or assignments
  • Individual or group consultations with students
  • Librarian consultation on research assignment design

Librarians deliver instruction that supports information literacy learning. Typically, information literacy instruction does not include tours of the library because the focus on the building provides a limited view of library resources and the research process. To request a library tour, please contact Kim Pittman.

Key learning outcomes for library instruction include:

  • Students will develop effective search strategies for their information needs, revising searches in order to persist in the face of search challenges
  • Students will evaluate sources based on information need and the context in which the information will be used
  • Students will identify multiple perspectives on a research topic
  • Students will formulate research questions that are appropriately scaled, facilitate inquiry, and can be supported by available resources