Use of Library Computers

Kathryn A. Martin Library Policy


Everyone using computers in the Kathryn A. Martin Library must abide by all UMD and University of Minnesota policies and procedures, as well as all relevant federal, state and local laws.

  1. Computers requiring University authentication
    These computers are available for UMD students, faculty and staff. University of Minnesota policy prohibits the sharing of University of Minnesota passwords with others.
  2. Guest Computers
    These computers support the information needs of non-University users. In order to provide equitable access for community users, guest computers have time limitations for use.
  3. Appropriate use of computers
    Users of library computers are expected to follow the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.
  4. User Conduct
    Users are expected to follow the Library Use Policy. Users should not use sound features on computers without headphones. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior may be asked to leave.
  5. Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
    Contractual license agreements and U.S. Copyright Law govern the access, use, and reproduction of these resources as outlined in the library's policy on Use of Licensed Electronic Resources.

Approved by the Library Management Team 
Date of approval: October 2022