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Kathryn A. Martin Library Policy


The University of Minnesota is a land grant institution, which means our collections are accessible to the general public. However, our primary focus is our current faculty, staff, and students. The Kathryn A. Martin Library is committed to providing a welcoming learning environment that is safe, well-maintained, and conducive to study and research for all users. Library users are expected to engage in behavior that is respectful of the facilities, materials, and rights of others. Users are also expected to abide by all relevant University policies, the UMD Student Conduct Code, and relevant federal, state, and municipal laws. Entering the library represents a tacit agreement to treat library staff, other library users, the facilities, and materials with respect and to behave in a manner that is acceptable in an academic environment.

Disruptive and destructive behavior will not be tolerated; this behavior may include but is not limited to:

  • Assaulting, intimidating, and harassing library staff or patrons through language or actions.
  • Creating excessive noise or commotion or interfering with the use of the library by others.
  • Refusing to leave the library buildings at closing time, or refusing to leave Group Study Rooms at the end of the booked time period.
  • Engaging in sexual harassment and/or overt sexual behavior.
  • Taking materials out of the library without first checking them out.
  • Defacing library materials, furnishings, walls, and equipment. 

Children under the age of 18 unaffiliated with a UMD program must be accompanied by an adult.


Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior may be asked to leave and may be denied further access to the library.

Library employees are authorized to refer students who are uncooperative to the Office of Student Conduct. Library employees also are authorized to call Campus Police when people are uncooperative.

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Approved by the Library Leadership Team 
Date of approval: November 12, 2019

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