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Kathryn A. Martin Library
416 Library Drive
Duluth, MN 55812-3001


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General Contact Information

General Library Information 218-726-8102 [email protected]
Library Administration
Monday—Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday—Sunday CLOSED
218-726-8130 [email protected]
Archives & Special Collections 218-726-8526 [email protected]
Borrow, Renew, Return Materials 218-726-6120 [email protected]
Course Reserves 218-726-8591 [email protected]
Digital Services and Copyright  + University Digital Conservancy 218-726-7880 [email protected]
Electronic Resources 218-726-7882 [email protected]
Government Documents 218-726-8585 [email protected]
Interlibrary Loan 218-726-6628 [email protected]
Lost & Found in Library 218-726-6120 [email protected]
Media Booking 218-726-6120 [email protected]
Pay Fines 218-726-8989 [email protected]
Request Materials (Get It) from U of M Libraries 218-726-6628 [email protected]
Research Help 218-726-8100 [email protected]
Services for Patrons with Disabilities 218-726-6130 [email protected]
Study Rooms 218-726-6120 [email protected]
Tech Help in Library (computers, printing) 218-726-8858 [email protected]

Staff by Last Name


Name Library Department Office Phone Email
Aue, Shana Research & Learning - Archives & Special Collections L225 Annex 218-726-7314 [email protected]
Brisk, Adam Research & Learning L268 218-726-6603 [email protected]
Brown, Aimee Research & Learning - Archives & Special Collections L202 Annex 218-726-8526 [email protected]
Carlson Grebinoski, Jodi Research & Learning – Digital Services & Copyright L280 218-726-7880 [email protected]
Chisholm, Nichole Access & Collection Services L110C 218-726-7882 [email protected]
Conerton, Kate Research & Learning L276 218-726-7146 [email protected]
David, Mags Research & Learning L274 218-726-8585 [email protected]
Hansen, Doreen Library Administration – Systems L282 218-726-7777 [email protected]
Hovde, Anne Access & Collection Services L110B 218-726-7887 [email protected]
Johnson, Liz Benson Access & Collection Services (Head) L110D 218-726-6561 [email protected]
Jones, Kayleen Research & Learning L264 218-726-8733 [email protected]
Linval, Tess Access & Collection Services L132 218-726-8989 [email protected]
McLean, Heather Library Administration L465B 218-726-7886 [email protected]
Miller, Chelsey Library Administration L139 218-726-7196 [email protected]
Moore, Ian Research & Learning L278 218-726-6955 [email protected]
Pittman, Kim Research & Learning  (Head) L262 218-726-7829 [email protected]
Prange, Cassandra Access & Collection Services L136 218-726-8591 [email protected]
Rosendahl, Matt Library Administration (Library Director) L465D 218-726-6562 [email protected]
Scherr, Stephanie Library Administration L465C 218-726-7909 [email protected]
Trousdale, Rob Access & Collection Services L134 218-726-6816 [email protected]
Trygstad, Gail Library Administration – Systems L284 218-726-7889 [email protected]
Vavrosky, Laura Research & Learning – Digital Services KAML 118 218-726-7416 [email protected]
Vileta, Jim Research & Learning L272 218-726-6157 [email protected]
Westergren, Kay Access & Collection Services L110E 218-726-6628 [email protected]
Wheeler, Lisa Access & Collection Services L110A 218-726-6498 [email protected]
Wolf, Samantha Access & Collection Services L110F 218-726-6671 [email protected]

Staff by Library Department

Library Department Name Office Phone Email
Access & Collection Services Chisholm, Nichole L110C 218-726-7882 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Hovde, Anne L110B 218-726-7887 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services (Head) Johnson, Liz Benson L110D 218-726-6561 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Linval, Tess L132 218-726-8989 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Prange, Cassandra L136 218-726-8591 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Trousdale, Rob L134 218-726-6816 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Westergren, Kay L110E 218-726-6628 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Wheeler, Lisa L110A 218-726-6498 [email protected]
Access & Collection Services Wolf, Samantha L110F 218-726-6671 [email protected]
Library Administration McLean, Heather L465B 218-726-7886 [email protected]
Library Administration Miller, Chelsey L139 218-726-7196 [email protected]
Library Administration Scherr, Stephanie L465C 218-726-7909 [email protected]
Library Administration – Systems Hansen, Doreen L282 218-726-7777 [email protected]
Library Administration (Library Director) Rosendahl, Matt L465D 218-726-6562 [email protected]
Library Administration – Systems Trygstad, Gail L284 218-726-7889 [email protected]
Research & Learning – Archives & Special Collections Aue, Shana L225 Annex 218-726-7314 [email protected]
Research & Learning Brisk, Adam L268 218-726-6603 [email protected]
Research & Learning – Archives & Special Collections Brown, Aimee L202 Annex 218-726-8526 [email protected]
Research & Learning David, Mags L274 218-726-8585 [email protected]
Research & Learning – Digital Services & Copyright Carlson Grebinoski, Jodi L280 218-726-7880 [email protected]
Research & Learning Conerton, Kate L276 218-726-7146 [email protected]
Research & Learning Jones, Kayleen L264 218-726-8733 [email protected]
Research & Learning Moore, Ian L278 218-726-6955 [email protected]
Research & Learning  (Head) Pittman, Kim L262 218-726-7829 [email protected]
Research & Learning Vileta, Jim L272 218-726-6157 [email protected]
Research & Learning – Digital Services Vavrosky, Laura KAML 118 218-726-7416 [email protected]

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