Student Art Exhibits Policy & Procedures


Kathryn A. Martin Library Policy

This policy governs the use of Library space for rotating student art exhibits. Exhibit space will contribute to the cultural life of the Library and the University community by offering students a venue for exhibiting their work to a wide audience. Submit your art exhibit proposal here.

Art Exhibit Coordinators

Matt Rosendahl: Library Director
[email protected] 

Ian Moore: Librarian for Art & Design
[email protected]

Who may exhibit?

Any student currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota Duluth may contribute artwork for display. Preference will be given to students currently enrolled as majors or minors in the Department of Art & Design. All proposals must either be submitted to the Art Exhibit Coordinators using the Kathryn A. Martin Library Art Exhibit Proposal form or solicited by the library staff.


The Art Exhibit Coordinators will be responsible for all decisions regarding the acceptance of art exhibit proposals. Artists will submit an artist’s statement with the proposal for coordinators’ review. The library is unable to provide support for interactive exhibits or displays. In addition, all exhibits must adhere to the Kathryn A. Martin Library’s Acceptable User Behavior policy. The Library is committed to providing all users with an environment that is safe, well-maintained, and conducive to study and research. All users are expected to engage in behavior that is respectful of the facilities, materials, and rights of others.

Exhibit Duration

The duration of an exhibit will be determined by the Art Exhibit Coordinators, based on the availability of exhibit space and other events scheduled in the Library. Only the artist, the Art Exhibit Coordinators, or authorized representatives with written permission will be permitted to remove the artwork from the Library or the exhibit space. Should the artist not remove the artwork at the conclusion of the exhibit, the Art Exhibit coordinators reserve the right to remove the artwork from the exhibit space.

Exhibit Areas

Art may be exhibited in the first floor reading room, in the first floor display cases, on the second floor by librarian offices, on the third floor walls, in the third floor display nook, on the fourth floor walls, or other approved walls or spaces within the library. See library maps here.

Opening Event

An opening event may be scheduled to coincide with the opening of the exhibit. Requests for opening events will be considered based on location and scheduling.


All artwork must be ready to display. Work must be installed using removable materials, such as removable mounting squares and tape. Screws, non-removable tape, non-removable mounting squares, or any material that will leave holes or damage the wall, cannot be used. Artists will be responsible for the provision of labels and mounting equipment, hanging and arranging artwork, and the delivery and retrieval of artwork to and from the library.


The Kathryn A. Martin Library will promote the exhibit using the Library’s digital signage and social media accounts. Additional publicity is the responsibility of the artist.

The Library will neither purchase nor profit from artwork temporarily exhibited in the library. Contact information for the artist may be displayed, but prices for artwork may not be listed.

Security and Liability

The Kathryn A. Martin Library will provide minimal security for art exhibits. The Library does not provide insurance for student artwork on exhibition. Insurance for artwork is the sole responsibility of the artist. Kathryn A. Martin Library is not liable for damaged or stolen art works.