Placing Personal Copies on Reserve

Personal copies of books, journals, audiocassettes, CDs, videos, and DVDs may be placed on Course Reserves.

Personal copies require anywhere from 1 to 4 days to process before they become available for student checkout.

The Kathryn A. Martin Library assumes no responsibility for personal items placed on reserve. By submitting the reserve request form, you are acknowledging that the library is not responsible for loss or damage to your materials.

Rather than placing your personal copies on reserve, you may contact your Subject Librarian to request a library-purchased copy.

Library Markings

Use of your personal copies will require physical markings to be placed on each item to identify it as a reserve item. The physical markings are described below:

  • A bar code label will be permanently affixed to each item.
  • A title label will be permanently affixed to the spine of each item.
  • Temporary red/black marking tape will be affixed to each item. A strip of transparent tape will be placed under the marking tape to minimize the damage done to the item when it is taken off reserve and the marking tape is removed.

Potential Damage or Loss

In the event that a personal copy is damaged, the library will make reasonable repairs to the item so it is usable to your students for the duration of the time the item is on reserve.

In the event a student loses an instructor's personal copy, the standard replacement policy will apply, and the student will be assessed replacement ($100) and processing fees ($15).