Tracking Your Request

Two library buildings with circular arrows, portraying lending

To see the status of your interlibrary loan request, log in to ILL. Here is a list of terms you might encounter. Questions? Contact ILL staff at [email protected] or 218-726-6628.

Awaiting Customer Contact
The requested material has arrived and is ready for pickup. You will be notified shortly.

Awaiting Conditional Processing
A potential lender has requested additional information about your request. ILL is responding.

Awaiting Doc Provider Processing
ILL is obtaining your material from a commercial provider.

Awaiting Extensive Searching
An initial search for the material you requested has been unsuccessful. ILL is continuing the search.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
The requested material has arrived, but it is not yet ready for pickup.

Awaiting Request Processing
ILL has received your request and is locating potential lenders.

Awaiting Return Label Processing
The item has been returned to ILL and is waiting for return processing by ILL staff.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
Your request has not been filled by potential lenders. ILL is trying other sources.

Cancelled by Customer
Indicates you cancelled the request.

Cancelled by ILL Staff
The request was cancelled by ILL staff, and we sent you an email.

Checked Out by Customer
The item has arrived. It has been processed by ILL staff and has been checked out to the customer.

Customer Notified via Email
The item has arrived and has been processed. ILL notified you via email.

Delivered to Web
The received item you requested is available through your ILL account for viewing or downloading.

In Electronic Delivery Processing
The article has arrived and is being processed for digital delivery. You will be notified when the item is available through your ILL account.

In Print Queue
The item has arrived and has been partially processed. It is awaiting the printing of the ILL identification slip.

In Return Address Print Queue
You returned the item. It has been checked in and is awaiting printing of the return address label.

In Transit
The request has been returned to the Circulation desk and is awaiting return processing.

Not Received
The item was shipped by the lender over two weeks ago and has not yet arrived. The lender has been contacted.

Received Incorrect/Partial Item
The requested item has been received, but either the wrong item was sent, or the item is incomplete. ILL will take corrective measures.

Request Finished
The request has been successfully processed and completed.

Request Sent
ILL has forwarded your request to potential lenders and is waiting for them to ship the item.